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Ian 1985 - 2004

Ian Drazick  is a very atheletic, healthy, enthusiastic young man, active in many sports, including baseball, basketball, and football. Ian has played on his school football team from middle school through his senior year on the Tiger Varsity Team at Lee's Summit High School. In his spare time, Ian enjoys playing his guitar, singing, and writing songs.

After High School, Ian attends Longview Community College in Kansas City, Missouri. He is enjoying a healthy social life, playing in two bands, and works as a shipping clerk at a local mailing company. Ian's popularity as a musician across the Kansas City Metro area begins to grow, and he's having the time of his life. It was in November of Ian's Sophomore year at Longview, that he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. He is only 19 years old.

November, 2004... the beginning of the nightmare

Ian seemed to be living a normal life of a 19 year old young man, always on the go, working, going to college, and spending time with his friends and playing his guitar. There was no clue to those in Ian's life, that he may be ill... he looked and acted completely healthy. One day in mid-November, Ian suffered a stomach ache that grew severe within a few days. The day after a visit with the doctor, an Ultrasound and a CT scan on his entire abdomen, we learned Ian had cancer. Ian was quickly admitted into the hospital, and scheduled for surgery to remove the cancer-filled testicle. We learned it was metastatic Testicular Cancer, meaning it started in the testicles and had grown throughout his body. The cancer was already in what is known as the 3rd stage - it was present in several of his organs, including his stomach, liver, lungs, and in his brain. Ian's intense chemotherapy treatment began the week of Thanksgiving in the hospital.

In the prime of health and life, an active and energetic 17 year old and a member of the High School Football team, Ian thought he remembered feeling a lump in one of his testicles, just after a physical check up with his doctor late that summer of 2002. (We don't understand why many doctors don't currently check, or talk to young men about this most common cancer in their age group.)

The end of the year went by, and 2003 -04 came with a few other visits to the doctor for symptoms we have now learned were caused by the cancer... a small breast lump, persistent cough, and trouble swallowing. Not one doctor had checked Ian for cancer, or even mentioned the thought of it.

November of 2004... It wasn't until now, Ian at 19 years old, his 2nd year in college, that the cancer was so far advanced that it could not be overlooked any longer. A cancerous tumor had grown large enough to add pressure on Ian's spine and his other organs, causing intense pain.

Through Ian's treatment, we learned more about Testicular Cancer, and the fact that it's the most common cancer in YOUNG men. What frustrated Ian the most, was the fact that nobody in his life had ever even heard of testicular cancer... no one is teaching young men in school, or at the doctors office about this cancer that is trying to kill him.

For four months, Ian endured the torturous treatment that many cancer patients know, chemotherapy and radiation. The treatments made Ian feel horrible, but he kept a positive outlook, and for a while, it looked as if he might beat the cancer. But for some reasons we will never understand, the cancer continued to resist treatment, and grew stronger than Ian.

2005 ... just after Ian's 20th birthday

Ian has made a peaceful transition. His beautiful Spirit left his earth body on Friday, March 18, 2005, at 12:30pm. We are left with many questions. The cancer in Ian's body eventually resisted every form of chemotherapy he was given. What we do understand now, is that the cancer grew inside of Ian's body for 2 or 3 years before he was even diagnosed, and was so far advanced and much stronger than the drugs designed to kill it.

We are grateful for the 20 years we were blessed to have Ian in our lives. He was the most loving and fun Spirit, and will always be alive in our hearts.

We wish things could be different, and cannot understand God's plan, but we do have to accept it.

Thank you to everyone of you, for your prayers for us in the hardest four months of Ian's life, and now. Your love strengthens us, holds us up, and helps us to keep our Faith in knowing all is well in God.

In loving memory, Ian  1985 - 2005  Rest in Peace my precious son

Ian, you are my heart. I love you more than this world. -Mom



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