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Ian's Story

"Ian's Story" is an effort to raise awareness of the most common cancer in young men - Testicular Cancer. It is curable if treated early.
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Together We Will Win

Together We Will Win is a new book written by Ian's mom, Karen A. McWhirt, available in Paperback & Kindle at Amazon.com

Kirkus Discoveries Review describes the book as, "personable, relatable, and compelling... the most powerful kind of writing--- the kind that can save lives... A powerful, educational, cautionary tale."

For more information and to read what others are saying about the book, please visit  TogetherWeWillWin.net

The book will be a good way to approach the subject of testicular cancer with the young men you care about.

Ian was appauled that so many people don't know about the most common cancer in young men his age... a cancer that was quickly taking his life

Ian was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in November 2004, at the age of 19. He died 4 months later, due to the advanced stages of the cancer. Ian hoped to change the paradigm of silence about Testicular Cancer.

Please - talk about Testicular Cancer with the young men in your life! Don't let fear or embarrassment silence you - just bring the subject up. You may save someone's life.


Ian asked his Mom to continue teaching other young men about Testicular Cancer

There is no reason any young man should die from this disease. It is curable if treated early. Talk about it openly, to your sons, friends, students, and co-workers. >

A note from the website author, Karen A. McWhirt: The purpose of this website is to promote Testicular Cancer Awareness, and to offer important information about testicular cancer to young men and their families. I am not a medical professional. Please talk to your doctor about testicular cancer. The information on this website is intended to be supplementary to your doctor's advice. It is not intended to replace any advice or information from a health professional. The medical information on this site is compiled from various other websites on the same topic. The information on this website can also be found on other websites listed on the Links page of IansStory.org, such as www.checkemlads.com, www.tc-cancer.com, and http://tcrc.acor.org.
Funding for this site is provided by the author. This site does not host any form of outside advertisement, or receive funding from advertising.
Your e-mail address and personal information is never shared with a third party.

Donate to help promote Testicular Cancer Awareness

Ian's Story Testicular Cancer Awareness Fund for Young Men, at The Truman Heartland Community Foundation, 4200 Little Blue Pkwy, Suite 340, Independence, Missouri, 64057

With your help, we can make Testicular Cancer as well known as Breast Cancer.

God Bless you and THANK YOU for your donation! Together we can help young men win against Testicular Cancer!

last update: March 20, 2018